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Best New York Knick Players of All-Time

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Patrick Ewing professional basketball play (center) for the New York Knicks was a flood of power to be reckoned with in the NBA. Born 1962 in Kingston Jamaica, Ewing entered the realm of basketball from Georgetown University. Known as the “Dunkman” he could do it all, jump, rebound, dunk and match speed on the court with the best players in the land. Patrick Ewing always seemed to be in flight while slapping the ball away from his opponents. This was a part of his average day when on the basketball court. His strength and cat like focus made him a great in the NBA.

Walt “Clyde” Frazier (point guard) did his job at a steady pace. Stealing the basketball and reading his opponents like an open book made him a great player. His rim shot found its way into the basket and his distance shots swooshed when they hit the basket. He commanded space on the court as he barreled down the court, collecting a 6.1 assist record while playing, accumulating 40 points a game was easy for this superb player. Born 1945 in Atlanta Georgia, Frazier played for David T. Howard High School and went on to Southern Illinois. Walt Frazier was chosen by the New York Knicks and played with the team from 1967 to 1980.

Willis Reed Jr. (power forward, center) played a bold game of basketball for many years, staying close to the action with the sport. As a manager and coach, Reed could contribute his many years of expertise to another generation of players. Born in 1942 in Louisiana, attended high school in Lillie, La and made his college debut at Grambling State. He has over 1,186 assists throughout his career and 8,414 rebounds. Willis Reed Jr. played the game with vigor. He was the captain of his team and continued to take leadership roles even after retiring from on-court play.

Bernard King (small forward) started his journey to the pros while attending Fort Hamilton high school and the University of Tennessee. Born in December 1956 in Brooklyn, New York he began his professional basketball career in 1977 but signed with the Knicks in 1987. Despite injuries, King always proved himself an asset to his team. King gained 5,060 rebounds in his career and 2,863 assists.

Earl “the Pearl” Monroe (point guard and shooting guard) was a great defensive player and a scholar of the game of basketball. Born in Philadelphia in 1944, he attended John Bartram High School in his native Philadelphia. His style of play led the New York Knick’s to retire his number. Beginning play for the Knicks in October 1971; “Earl the Pearl” was an excellent ball carrier. Pushing his way down the court with assurance, many time hitting: nothing but net. The young Monroe now retired, emerged out of Winston–Salem State University, a division II School. He played professionally for Baltimore and New York. His record of assist stands at 3.9, points 18.8 and 3.0 rebounds. The 6’3” powerhouse is credited for the development of the play known as the “shake-and-bake”.