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Kristaps Porzingis vs. Carmelo Anthony

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Background Of Kristaps

Kristaps Porzingis was selected during the 2015 draft pick by the New York Knicks as an overall fourth round pick. He stands at 7’3, Latvian, and plays a strong power forward position. Porzingis is also known for playing the center position. During late October, Kristaps was able to score his first career double with 13 points and 14 rebounds in a loss against the San Antonio Spurs. His best game came that same year in November with 24 points.

Porzingis has improved his game by averaging over 27 points per game. Unfortunately, the fans have not always had a highly regarded opinion of Kristaps Porzingis leaving him with a lot to prove. He got his start playing professional basketball by following the footsteps of his parents and siblings. Porzingis also had to overcome anemia before he could effectively manage his junior basketball career. His coaches continued to see potential in him that lead him to the NBA.

Background Of Carmelo Anthony

Standing at 6’8 and a superior small forward, Carmelo Anthony is a well known player for the New York Knicks. After the death of his dad, at the age of two, Anthony to moved to Baltimore and decided he would have to make a better life for himself by focusing on basketball. He played for Towson Catholic High school for three years of high school. Basketball was intended to be a distraction from the crime ridden housing projects that was near Anthony’s home. By his senior year he became the top player in the Baltimore Sun and the Baltimore Catholic League player of the year. He played college basketball for both University of Texas and the University of Kansas.

Anthony began his NBA career as an overall third draft pick in 2003 for Denver Nuggets. He played with the Nuggets from 2003-2011 and averaged 30+ points a game. Carmelo Anthony was traded to the New York Knicks in 2011 as a multi-player deal. In 2011, Anthony assisted the Knicks in their first playoff game since 2001. His tenacity for the game has caused him to score over 40 points in multiple games and averaging 13-of-13 free throw attempts.

How They Work Together

Carmelo Anthony is clearly a move visual player on the court than Kristaps Porzingis. Anthony has also had the opportunity to score more points by Porzingis being a bench player. Ironically, Anthony and Kristaps are currently training together for the 2016-17 season for the Knicks. Sources have said, this is an attempt to improve their offensive game. One is compared to an NBA veteran while the other is compared to a rising star. Kristaps has been reported as saying there is nothing that Carmelo Anthony can’t do on the court.

Kristaps Porzingis is quickly becoming a protege of Carmello Anthony. Anthony has made an attempt to teach Kristaps everything he knows about the NBA. They believe that training together will help them improve their actual statistics on the court. Anthony and Kristaps have formed a brotherhood during their training season to lend support for each other on and off the court. Both of them look forward to the new season and contributing to the New York Knicks. Despite any rumors, Kristpas Porzingis and Carmelo Anthony remain strong team players.

New York Yankees Season Preview

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The New York Yankees is a team that has had many successes over the years. The Yankees will enter the 2017 spring training season. No one can really know for sure how a team will do in an up coming season. However, that certainly does not stop people from making predictions about a particular team.

It is quite sure that the Yankees are experiencing some definite changes with the general dynamics of the team. Choosing the right player to fill a certain position can be trying task. It seems the Yankees in particular are scouting for new and younger talent.

When Mark Teixeria announced his retirement from the Yankees the first thought that pops into everyone’s mind is who will replace Teixeria? Many predict that Greg Byrd is a perfect replacement for Mark Teixeria.

Greg Byrd played for the Yankees in 2015 and he had quite an impressive record. Greg Byrd had 11 home runs in just 46 games. Quite an impressive record to say the least. However, Byrd was injured and was unable to play in the last season.

Tyler Austin is a talented player that has certainly proven success comes with hard work and drive. Austin has made it clear he knows he has talent and he will never settle for second best. Austin was attempting to make clear that he would never sign on with a new team or accept a different position simply to fill a vacancy.

Many have predicted that Greg Byrd and Tyler Austin may end up as back up at first base and/ or at the corner outfield. Predictions may or may not be accurate. In this situation only time will tell what Byrd and Austin will choose.

Much has been said about Gary Sanchez. Sanchez has a decent 2016 season. In 53 games Sanchez made 20 successful and very well documented home runs. Sanchez was able to finish in second place in the American League Rookie of the Year.

Sanchez may over rate his abilities at times. However, Sanchez was rated slightly below average as a pitcher. Sanchez was not thrilled about his rating as a pitcher. Sanchez knows he has some improving to do but he also knows he is valuable player. Therefore, some say Sanchez may be simply waiting for the right offer. Sanchez is well known to coaches and free agents. Again, it is more of a waiting game at this point in time.

Filling the position in right field may be easier than many people think. Aaron Judge has potential. Judge played in over 300 minor league games. In addition, Aaron Judge is currently ranked as New York’s number four prospect. Agents will have the opportunity to examine Aaron Judge and his strengths during spring training.

Aaron Hicks as a defensive right fielder is very realistic. Hicks is rated an above average right fielder. Some feel that Aaron Hicks may be a bit over rated. However, it can not be denied that Hicks is quite capable and he would absolutely accept a position in right field. Paying close attention to the sports analysts over the next two months may give a clue about Hick’s future with the team.

One thing to remember is that Hick’s is out of options at this point in time. Aaron Judge could make an easy transition to right field. However, Hal Steinbrenner would back up Judge all the way which is a huge help to Judge when trying to decide where he would do the most good in this up coming season. Hal Steinbrenner has had a powerful influence on several sports figures careers.

Clint Frasier is another player with great potential. Clint Frasier is another player that will be looked at during the spring training season. Therefore, offers, new contracts may be in Frasier’s near future.

There are some very talented players in line for Yankees rotation slots. Brian Mitchell and Adam Warren are strong candidates for rotation. Mitchell is an exceptional pitcher and he is fast on his feet.

Adam Warren made 17 starts for New York in 2015. Therefore, he may very well fit right in if another team member is unable to finish the season due to injury or personal reasons.

It has been predicted for some time now that Brian Mitchell will win at least one of the open rotation spots. Of course, until the trade deadline approaches no one will really know for certain what the future holds for Brian Mitchell.

Is Phil Jackson Good For The Knicks ?

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Phil Jackson is one of the best professional basketball coaches every. Still many people are wondering if he is a good fit for the Knicks. Jackson has already made some good changes in the off season. The Knicks did start off with a record of 13-10.
Jeff Hornacek was a first year coach under Jackson but many feel that he did pretty well. He was able to keep the offense looking good and gave them some new techniques to use on the court. Both Derrick Rose and Kistaps Porzingis were able to play well allowing the team to have a record of the 12th best offense in professional basketball.

According to sources Jackson did not select Hornacek as his first choice for the head coach position. In the end they did end up hiring the right person for the job.

Jackson was able to bring additional talent to the team. Courtney Lee had an impressive seasons and Brandon Jennings was able to fit in with the rest of the team. He had the highest assist ratio in his entire career.

One of the biggest players that Jackson brought to the team was a disappointment. Noah had trouble the first couple of months and did not play as he was expected. According to insiders he should begin to worry about how long he will be playing with the Knicks. Since Jackson took over as president of the team they do have a lot of talent players.

There have been some issues going on off of the court. LaBron James and Jackson have had their difference. As long as Jackson is in charge ,the talent that is good friends with James will not play for the Knicks . Jackson has also stated that some of the players are holding the ball too long. Anthony is a great player but he and Jackson do not exactly get along. That may affect his place with the team. He has to be careful what he says about the current and potential players to the public.
Jackson has so far made his star player upset as well as one of the players that is about to be a free agent. While Anthony and Jackson do not have to like each other ,players and the presidents do have to be able to work together. Some are starting to state that Jackson is making too many negative comments about his players to the media. He does have to learn how to keep some of his comments to himself or at least not to the microphone. This will take the focus away from the team and their ability to win games. For the first time in many years the Knicks are playing some good basketball. They are showing off their skills and winning some games. Jackson may not be the favorite of some players but he does know what he is doing. He moves and choices have been the driving force behind the team. He has brought the team so far many can forgive some of the comments that he has made.