Is Phil Jackson Good For The Knicks ?

Category : Team Review

Phil Jackson is one of the best professional basketball coaches every. Still many people are wondering if he is a good fit for the Knicks. Jackson has already made some good changes in the off season. The Knicks did start off with a record of 13-10.
Jeff Hornacek was a first year coach under Jackson but many feel that he did pretty well. He was able to keep the offense looking good and gave them some new techniques to use on the court. Both Derrick Rose and Kistaps Porzingis were able to play well allowing the team to have a record of the 12th best offense in professional basketball.

According to sources Jackson did not select Hornacek as his first choice for the head coach position. In the end they did end up hiring the right person for the job.

Jackson was able to bring additional talent to the team. Courtney Lee had an impressive seasons and Brandon Jennings was able to fit in with the rest of the team. He had the highest assist ratio in his entire career.

One of the biggest players that Jackson brought to the team was a disappointment. Noah had trouble the first couple of months and did not play as he was expected. According to insiders he should begin to worry about how long he will be playing with the Knicks. Since Jackson took over as president of the team they do have a lot of talent players.

There have been some issues going on off of the court. LaBron James and Jackson have had their difference. As long as Jackson is in charge ,the talent that is good friends with James will not play for the Knicks . Jackson has also stated that some of the players are holding the ball too long. Anthony is a great player but he and Jackson do not exactly get along. That may affect his place with the team. He has to be careful what he says about the current and potential players to the public.
Jackson has so far made his star player upset as well as one of the players that is about to be a free agent. While Anthony and Jackson do not have to like each other ,players and the presidents do have to be able to work together. Some are starting to state that Jackson is making too many negative comments about his players to the media. He does have to learn how to keep some of his comments to himself or at least not to the microphone. This will take the focus away from the team and their ability to win games. For the first time in many years the Knicks are playing some good basketball. They are showing off their skills and winning some games. Jackson may not be the favorite of some players but he does know what he is doing. He moves and choices have been the driving force behind the team. He has brought the team so far many can forgive some of the comments that he has made.